About Imanzi Kindergarten City of Mainz

Imanzi Kindergarten is dedicated to provide quality education, to help bring up a well-formed God fearing, multi-talented child with respect to ethical values from 3 years. We have committed staff members who are both teachers and parents, so much ready to perform to the best of their knowledge and ability. The school is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 12:45pm while special programs extends to 5:00pm.


To give children in Rwanda a firm and competitive foundation that would enhance their future career…


We envisioned to becoming the leading providers of early childhood basic education that prepares a child play a responsible role in the society.

Our Values:

Trust underpins all positive relationships and is an integral part of the relationships that are fostered at Imanzi City of Mainz. We also operate under the values of integrity, commitment, accountability and hard work.


To provide high quality care and education for children and a secure foundation for learning in an encouraging and nurturing environment,where there is an equality of opportunity and support.


Contact Address

Kimironko Zindiro KG 11 Ave 


Ndera Sector, Masoro Cell, Matwari Village,


+(250) 788538277 – 788358277 - 788888387